Funshine Kids Sale Consignment Guidelines

YOU price everything! As the consignor, you will make 70% of the selling price. There is a $5.00 consignor’s fee that is deducted from your final commission check. All consignors are invited to shop the pre-sale on Friday before we open the sale to the public on Saturday morning.

Check our schedule of events for drop off times. No appointment necessary. Allow yourself some extra time to help put out your items. Your consignor number is for consigning and must appear on all items you put in the sale. A consignor number is not needed to shop.

We will need lots of Volunteers before, during, and after the sale to make it successful. The only thing you have to do is give 3 or 6 hours of your time. In return you will be able to shop the pre-sale and the 50% off pre-sale (before consignors and the general public). If your volunteer shift is after the night of the pre-sale, there will be an entry ticket waiting for you the night of the volunteer sale.

We accept all sizes of clothing. Make sure everything is clean and wrinkle free. Neat, clean clothing sells better. Like new shoes, slippers, and boots are accepted. We also take all books, toys, baby gear (strollers, car-seats, pack-n-plays, highchairs, etc.), CD’s and DVD’s. We have a minimum of 25 items, but no maximum that you can consign. So CLEAN OUT AND CASH IN!

We can pull any item. Items must be in great condition: no rips, spots, stains, missing buttons/snaps, broken zippers, seams/hems out, pilled items, or our of season! These will be put in the designated area.

All items are to be tagged and priced prior to bringing them to drop off. Each item must be tagged with a 3X5 index card. Please do not substitute paper paper that has been cut down for index cards. Remember to put all necessary information on the index card. Write all information legibly on the card with an ink pen. All consigned items must be identified the same way. Use a large or medium safety pin to attach these tags. Please refer to the Tagging section for an example of how the 3X5 index card should be filled out.

All clothing must be on hangers at drop off time. All clothing is to be hung with the hanger in the direction of a “?”. Group your clothing according to size, this will help when putting your items out to sell. Shoes require a tag, attach with tape to the sole or with a safety pin. Ziploc bags (smaller shoes) or zip-ties work well for keeping shoes together.

Toys with loose pieces must be bagged and secured to the main part of the toy. Group bibs, sheets, socks, newborn tees/onesies, blocks, blankets, puzzles, small toys, etc. must be placed in clear bags. All must have a good description of the contents. A 3X5 tag must be attached to the bag not occluding the view of the items inside. Anything with missing pieces will not be accepted.

After check in, you and our volunteers will put your items in the designated areas, for example: put puzzles on the puzzle table and shoes in the correct size shoe area. All clothing will be separated by gender and size. We will have special sections for each sale. There will be holiday clothing, winter coats/jackets, snow suits, uniforms (school and sports), dress-up/costumes, and pool/swim wear.

This will be a 3 day event: from set up/drop off on Thursday night to pick up on Saturday evening. The pre-sale will be very busy. Kids are welcome, but we would like to suggest getting a babysitter for a little while so you can shop without worrying about your little one. There will be a lot of people rushing around that night.

Saturday will be pick-up day for all unsold and not donated items. This time is from 5-7pm. All items not claimed will become property of Funshine Kids. If you are unable to make it, send a friend/relative to pick up your items (be sure they know your #). We have to clean and be out of the building on Saturday night so please be prompt. No pick-ups after 7pm!

All commission checks will be mailed as soon as we can process them, within a couple of weeks.

Funshine Kids is not responsible for lost, stolen, or abandoned items but we will work hard to keep this as minimal as possible.