Funshine Kids Sale - Attaching sale tags

Adult Clothing

15 items of Men’s and 15 items of Women’s clothing will be accepted per consignor. These items need to be in CURRENT STYLE. No clothing items with stains, holes, rips, broken buttons or zippers, etc. will be accepted. The same rules apply for the adult clothing as they do for the children’s clothing. Not included in this is juniors and young mens clothing, which have no limit.

Baby Equipment

Attach the card with tape or safety pin to a visible area. Please attach the card with packing tape on the tray, handle, step or seat if applicable. This will make the tag visible for the shoppers, and better chances for selling the item!!!! Make sure they are working and have no recalls.

Bagged Items

Using packing tape is good for bagged items. We will not accept the packages if we are unable to view the items inside. Seal bags to prevent items from being lost.

Books and Videos

Attach the card on the back of the book or video with packing tape. Try not to cover any important information about the book or video.

Car seats

We do not accept any over 5 years old. The date will be on the car seat, usually underneath. Consignors should attach the card to the car seat with packing tape or a safety pin in a visible area.


Consignors may use the large or medium safety pins to attach the index card. Pin the card in a place not to cause damage to the item, but it is required to be on the right side of the item (if you are facing it). See illustration.


Need to be in good working order, include all pieces (chargers, etc) and have batteries if needed.

Games and Puzzles

Attach the card with packing tape to the item. Be sure all the parts are included and in working order. Include batteries if needed.

Home Furnishings

Attach all tags appropriately to each item. If the item has multiple parts, zip-loc bags will hold those items together and a tag can be taped to the outside. Big zip-loc bags are also good for bedding and curtains! Attach the tag with packing tape, safety pins, or zip-ties whatever is appropriate for the item. NO mattresses larger than crib size will be accepted. NO appliances accepted unless they are small. Furniture, decor, bedding, dishes, small appliances/electronics, and ANYTHING to do with the Home will be accepted if working and in good condition. Do not bring box TV’s!


Attach the card with packing tape securely on the bottom sole or make a hole and thread it through a shoelace with a zip-tie. Zip-ties are very useful to keep shoes together too!


Assemble the item as it should normally appear. Attach the index card with tape, and if there are loose items, make sure they are put in a bag and are attached to the toy also. Toys and games need to have all their parts and pieces. All items requiring batteries must have them and work.


Rules for Tagging:

All items you bring in to consign must have a 3×5 index card tag attached. Clothing must be on hangers, or in bags if small and ready to sell. The 3×5 tag must follow the example below:

Example of sales tag with words Donate?,consignor,attach pin here,description of item,size,price

PLEASE WRITE VERY LEGIBLY AND USE A PEN TO WRITE ON THE 3×5 INDEX CARD. These cards can be lined or unlined, be light colored, as long as it is an actual 3×5 index card.

The consignor number in the upper right is the one that is given to you when you email or Facebook msg us your information. If you do not have one or have forgotten it e-mail us at:

Write out a very brief description of the item. Remember to include what it is, the brand, and color. This ensures that tags are not switched by anyone and helps buyers quickly identify the item.

If you DO NOT wish for your item to be discounted at the 50% off sale, write “ND” (no discount) in red under the price and if you wish to donate the item, write “DONATE” in red in the upper left corner of the tag. If donate is not on the tag, your item is not donated, and if “ND” is not on your tag, then your item will be discounted at the 50% Off Sale. If donating items, do not put “ND”, these items WILL be discounted.

Attach the tag with a safety pin only. No items with straight pins will be accepted!! Put the tag on the right side of the item of clothing. Attach it to a spot that will not damage the item. Make sure the tag is secure, but also make sure that it can be easily removed at checkout.

We have a minimum price of $1.00 for an item. You may put alike items together and price them as one item if needed. Examples: several similar books, t-shirts in the same size, bibs, socks, pajamas, etc.

Preparing Merchandise:

Supplies needed in item preparation include: 3X5 index cards, hangers, safety pins, packing tape, Ziploc bags, and Zip-ties.

Use safety pins to hold your clothes on the hangers and tags on your items.

All clothing must be hung on hangers with the hook facing left in the direction of a “?”. Be sure that your items will not fall off the hanger. Pants and skirts need to be hung on the hanger by the waistband, secured by a safety pin. For matching outfits, do not put the pants/skirt inside the shirt. Hang the item behind the shirt where it can easily be seen.
Pants folded over the bottom of the hanger will not be accepted.

Ziploc bags can be used to keep bibs, onesies, socks, pajamas, bottles, or any other small items together. Put the tag on the outside of the bag, and attach it with packing tape in a spot where the item is still visible. The very large Ziploc bags can hold bedding sets or large toys with many parts like train tracks, etc.

Packing tape can be used to attach the tag to any item, except clothing and stuffed animals. Packing tape can also be used to hold toys with multiple parts together.

Zipties can be used to keep shoes together that won’t fit in a Ziploc bag or tie together. Zipties can also keep parts to toys together.

Items NOT accepted:

We will not accept items that are out of season, broken, stained, ripped, pilled or damaged in any way. No car seats more than five years old. No used nipples, used pacifiers, or lingerie. No Box TV’s. No mattresses larger than crib size.

Recalled Items:

If you are unsure about any items you are about to sell, or buy, please use the government’s Recall website.